5 Ways to Maximize Team Training

5 Ways to Maximize Team Training


“Our team was trained LAST year. Do we HAVE to do it again?”

Imagine if your favourite sports team said that! Training your Alpha team regularly is absolutely essential. It’s not just about learning the Alpha philosophy, it’s about building team unity and refining skills too!  

We run multiple training events throughout the year. Check the events section on our website to find out more! 


Alpha Australia host many training events throughout the year. These are FREE, fun, interactive sessions where we share creative ideas about:

  • What is Alpha?
  • How to get the best out of hosting Alpha small groups
  • Role play & Prayer 

To find out more about these events head to our events page.


If you are an Alpha Facilitator and you are planning to do the training yourself, here are 5 ways to maximise Team Training:

1/ Reserve the dates NOW so your whole team can participate.
We suggest meeting TWICE for team training before each Alpha.
– Before Alpha begins: “Small Groups” 
– Before the Weekend Away: “Prayer Ministry”

Tip: Some churches join together for a local or regional training day. Find an Alpha that’s running in your community and talk to their Alpha team to share resources and leadership expertise!

2/ Prepare the material you’ll use for your Training Day. Depending on which material you choose when you register your Alpha, you will have online access to one of the following training options:

Option 1 – Alpha Film Series
Team Training Videos are hosted by Toby and Gemma - hosts of the Alpha Film Series (11-week Alpha) & Team Guide. Videos available here

Option 2 – Alpha with Nicky Gumbel
Team Training Videos hosted by Nicky Gumbel (10-week Alpha) 
"How to host Alpha Small Groups", "Prayer Ministry" & "Pastoral Care"

Option 3 – Alpha Youth Film Series (titles are slightly different but content is similar)
“How to Run a Great Alpha” & “How to Lead Great Small Groups on Alpha”
“Prayer Ministry on Alpha” 

3/ Put together a Team Training binder or folder with some of the key pieces of info they will need. Here are some handouts to consider:

  • Alpha Team Roles
  • Considerations for Christians at Alpha
  • Effective Small Group Discussions
  • Answering a Question with a Question
  • Prayer Ministry (for Weekend Away)

If you use the Alpha format for your training day and provide a meal for your team, then show the training video, don’t forget to add an element of interaction with role playing e.g. leaders act out different types of Alpha guests

5/ Meet with your Alpha team before AND after each Alpha session.
Ten minutes before the evening begins, rally the whole team together. Be energetic, enthusiastic and help them to focus on what’s important. AFTER Alpha, don’t ask who has something to share; rather have each person say a sentence or two about the evening. Follow up with specific leaders who might need a phone call, prayer or coaching.

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