4 ways to promote your Alpha

4 ways to promote your Alpha

Encourage your team and congregation to invite their friends and family to try Alpha. 86% of guests attend Alpha because of a personal invitation.

Tip 1 – Download, customise, and print

Alpha’s free promotional resources include personalised posters, banners and more for you to use to invite your community to Alpha. Visit alpha.org.au/run to access the promotional materials.

Tip 2 – Share your Alpha details on social media

Share the key details for your Alpha with potential guests – start date, time, location and direct them to alpha.org.au/try or your church website for more information about what Alpha is. Encourage all your Alpha leaders to share about Alpha on their own social media accounts.

Tip 3 – Post on your church website

Having a page on your church website with your Alpha details is a great way to build awareness in your community about your upcoming Alpha. If possible, it’s also great to include key information from past Alpha sessions, including highlights, photos, and Alpha stories.

Tip 4 – Share past guest stories

Showing an Alpha video story on Sunday could be a great way to inspire your community. You could also invite guests who’ve done Alpha previously to share their story in person. Be sure to tell us of your Alpha stories - we love hearing about the positive impact Alpha is making in people's lives! You can email us at stories@alpha.org.au. 

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