5 steps to get started with Alpha

5 steps to get started with Alpha

We're here to help you get started, here's how...

1. Register Online

Register at alpha.org.au/run to access Alpha resources, training, #RunAlpha tips and tools, free online publicity.

2. Save the Dates

Alpha runs for 8-12 weeks so pick your dates and reserve venues. Start planning your Alpha Weekend.

3. Build & Train Your Team

Our online training helps your team understand Alpha, learn effective small group skills and build unity.

Along with our online training, our team will also be facilitating training events around Australia in February and March. Click here to find out more info and register for our online webinars or events.

4. Pray

Invite people to pray for everyone involved. Pray with your team before and after each session.

5. Promote & Invite

Build excitement with creative, personalised invitations. Our online resources give you free promo material you can customise.

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