Creative Ways to Invite Guests to Alpha

Creative Ways to Invite Guests to Alpha

Inviting friends and family to Alpha doesn't have to be scary - it can be casual and simple. Here are some creative and easy ways to invite guests to your next Alpha.

1. Prayer

Pray for friends and family who might be interested in talking about life, faith & God. Then pray for those who would never step foot inside a church but have been asking about life’s biggest questions.

2. Personal invitation

Invite those in your community face-to-face or send a personalized email. Tell them Alpha has free food, an interesting talk & honest conversation. There is so much power in personal invitation - 86% of Alpha guests say they came because someone invited them personally.

3. Postcard invites

Did you know we have an online print shop? As well as banners and posters, you can also order invitations printed with YOUR course details right here, and get it delivered to your door anywhere in Australia! Once you have customized your Alpha postcard invitation, leave it with someone you want to invite!

4. Alpha story

People love to hear stories of lives that are transformed. During a Sunday service, interview someone who took Alpha about their experience and challenge everyone to invite one person to the next course.

5. Social Media invite

Social media is a great tool for inviting others. By creating a Facebook event, or sharing about your upcoming course on Twitter and other social mediums, people have a chance to hear about Alpha in a place they spend lots of their time, whether on their phones or computers.

6. Church website

The Alpha logo is now recognized globally. Add it to your church website with your Alpha course details and contact information so those interested in your church community will hear about Alpha. Remember to register ALL your courses so people will be able to find an Alpha near them. It’s free publicity!

7. Community partnership

Work with churches and individuals in your neighbourhood to host a joint newspaper advertisement or poster listing all of the Alpha courses in the area. Include which day of the week the Alpha courses are on so people can choose a day that works best for them. Partnering together sends a powerful message of unity.

8. Free BBQ

Free food always draws people, especially students and young people. Why not host a community BBQ and hand out invitations to the next Alpha?! This is a great way to connect people and spark conversation about life, faith and Jesus.

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