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Tad Matuszek has been a believer for many years. But thanks to the support of friends like you, he experienced personal change and was inspired to become even more active in sharing the Gospel with others – even in the forest. Tad shares…


While attending Alpha the first time, I realised Alpha brings you back to the first steps of Christianity and how your faith begins. It’s all about your personal relationship with God.

And slowly, as Alpha finished, it began to impact my life.

It happened in very small degrees. I’m not really a people person but I started to see people differently – even people down the street. I felt love for them. I’d think to myself, “I’d love to help this person”.

Then some friends of ours were having issues in their marriage and my wife and I wanted to talk to them about how you work through your difficulties – but from a faith basis. However, one of the spouses had little faith background. “How about we run an Alpha?” I suggested. So, we rang around and got a group together for a Monday Alpha.

Halfway through, an opportunity cropped up to help another person explore their faith, so we started a Tuesday Alpha. While calling around to get a group together, some people wanted to come but couldn’t because of work. I thought, “It’d be great to run Alpha as a weekend so some of them could come”.

I thought if we ran an Alpha weekend in the forest, it’d be a great place for fathers and sons to go. Then people said to me, “What about my daughter?” so it ended up being for everyone.

There were seven meals over the weekend. We started at lunchtime on Friday – had a meal, watched the Alpha clip and had a discussion. In the breaks people did different things. The evening sessions continued on until after midnight because people kept talking around the fire.

The response I heard when they were leaving was that they wanted to come back again. Some young kids came with their fathers and they had a ball and didn’t want to go home. One of the fellows suggested we do some parenting courses as families, and others said they’d like that.

It’s clear that this Alpha weekend was an incredible experience for these kids and parents – and I believe this was just the first step!