We want to give everyone who attends the SU QLD Conference the resources, training and inspiration to reach out to their community. The Alpha Youth Film Series is a great way to do this. It features twelve episodes exploring the basics of the Christian faith filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris and Jerusalem. Millions of people have tried Alpha all around the world.' Now it’s ready for a new generation.

The basics are you eat some food, watch the film and chat about it. The young people can ask any question (literally any question - no question is off limits)! You have a weekend away or day away for the two Holy Spirit Sessions. It doesn't cost anything for a young person to attend and they don't have to sign up for anything (invite them back each week). It's best if you can get youth leading the small groups and running the Alpha Youth Film Series.

The resource is real easy to run. And it's free!  We want to get the good news about Jesus out there to as many young people as we can. All you need to do is click below to sign up for an account and then register your course and you can download the whole series for free! 

The new Alpha Youth Film Series is one of the best resources I have seen in years. Brilliant content, expertly produced, it is accessible, clear, fun and deep. I cannot recommend it enough as a wonderful fresh tool with which to reach young people with the Gospel.
Mike Pilavachi

So your Alpha Youth Film Series is the best it can be, we simply ask that you run through the below training videos with your team before running an Alpha Youth Film Series. There are three videos and each one only takes about 15 minutes!

Training Video 1 - How To Run A Great Alpha

Training Video 2 - How To Lead Small Groups On Alpha

Training Video 3 - Prayer Ministry On Alpha