Donation Refunds Policy


Online Donations

Thank you for choosing to donate to Alpha Australia . As your donation is being made online without our assistance or involvement, we ask that you complete your details and the amount of your donation carefully.

Errors in Amount Pledged

Should an error be made in the amount of any donation, you have 60 days in which to notify Alpha Australia of the error.

Refund requests

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and forwarded as follows:

5/621 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham VICTORIA, 3132


The request should have the details of the initial donation including the date, amount, name of the donor or purchaser, the receipt number and the nature of the error.

Should the refund be approved, any original receipt issued for the incorrect amount immediately becomes void and invalid. A new receipt will be issued where applicable.

Change of Heart on Donation

Once you have made a donation to Alpha Australia we do not normally give refunds if you change your mind. It is for this reason that we ask that you make your choice to donate carefully.

Alpha Australia is under no obligation to give a refund for a donation if an error has been made on your part, but we will endeavour to ensure that any genuine errors (such as the amount donated) are rectified.

Alpha Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and we reserve the right to deduct any bank or transaction charges for any refund processed onto the donor. Should an error be detected and a request for refund made after 90 days have expired, Alpha Australia regrets that we are unable to issue a refund.

Errors by Us

Of course, should an error be made by Alpha Australia or its financial institution(s), full refunds will be made immediately upon notification of the error and all costs will be borne by Alpha Australia.


Alpha Australia National Office
ABN 220 8676 4230
5/621 Whitehorse Rd.

MITCHAM, Victoria 3132