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Many things improve with age — like finding new meaning to life’s questions.


Why Alpha Plus?

Did you know that there are nearly 6 million people over the age of 55 in Australia. Our landscape has changed as the Boomer generation ages and seniors have have become the largest population in the world.

Surprising as it may sound, Baby Boomers and older adults don't stop searching for the answers to life questions just because they are getting older. In fact, questions about life and death, eternity, meaning and purpose often come into sharper focus.

So don't you think that those in life's second half deserve a second chance to explore these questions one more time?

Perhaps you already have a community of older adults in your church, but you’d like to reach the many older adults in assisted living or aged care. Or maybe you’re realising the need for a tool that’s tailored to the many independent baby boomers in your neighbourhood.

By offering Alpha Plus to the over 50’s in your church, community or local retirement home, you can give them that second chance to explore the Christian faith.

"I wish I had done this thirty years ago." - Alpha Guest

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A new generation of older Australians is waiting for you...

Lee's story

"Being a single mum, I faced lots of struggles with many ups and downs. Due to these struggles I always found myself searching; trying to find something that was bigger than me that would give meaning to my life". 

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Alan's story

Despite facing hurt, rejection and pain throughout his life, Alan shares how God has transformed his life into love, healing and purpose. Find out how Alan has taken his gifts and talents and chosen to share them with the people around him, bringing light and joy to the community.

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