Your support has a life-changing impact!


Thank you for providing a safe place for people to talk about faith!

It started with an ad at the local cinemas and shopping centre – and pretty soon a group of churches in Melbourne North was welcoming people from all backgrounds for a meal, a video and a conversation.

Through Alpha, you’re giving people an opportunity to join a conversation and ask questions. From atheists to sceptics to believers, we all want a chance to ask questions and express our thoughts freely. But that’s hard in today’s world. As one young sceptic put it.

“[At Alpha] I feel like I can express my opinions without judgement or the anger that so often occurs with polarising debates.”

But change also comes to those involved at church or joining in the discussion from a position of faith. One group leader said,

“[Alpha] has reminded me how people who aren’t believers think, and I realise I have to change the way I talk to them.”

Thank you for your partnership to make such an incredible impact on people who are joining the conversation from all sides!