Don't miss your chance to ‘Join the Adventure’ with Bear Grylls!


It’s hard to believe 2017 is just around the corner! It’s going to be an epic year as so many churches stand together to share the Good News of Jesus with their communities.

And we want to be sure you don’t miss out! As you may know, the 2017 Alpha Ambassador is the one and only Bear Grylls – best-selling author, fearless adventurer and proud Alpha advocate. Bear is excited to share his life-changing experience of Alpha. And he wants to encourage others to open themselves up to the possibility that Jesus is waiting to meet them and put them on their own path to a different, fulfilling and challenging life.

“I love adventure and I love the mountains… I thrive off that and come alive in these wild places,” says Bear. “For me, my Christian faith has been real quiet strength and a backbone that has run through a lot of the stuff I do.”

With Bear’s help… and the help of friends like you… our heart is to see hundreds of churches united and reaching out to their communities in the name of Jesus – and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace the life that God has in store for them.

The next few months are an important time as the Global Alpha Invitation ramps up and enters into people’s everyday lives through strategic advertising at cinemas, airports, sports grounds – and right outside your church. Just think – Bear Grylls inviting people to your church to explore questions of faith: what an opportunity!

So please pray many friends like you will help fund banners and billboards, and for more and more churches to join in. And be sure to personally invite your family and friends along to Alpha! After all, Bear went along to explore questions of faith because someone invited him. And so have 27 million others across the globe.

Bear says, “[Alpha] is a really simple introduction to the Christian faith… I did it with Shara when we first got married and it was a very low pressure, very cool, very mellow, fun chance to ask some of these [big life] questions.”