Join the Adventure with Bear Grylls!


For the first time ever, we’re coming together with churches around the world to invite millions to try Alpha. And who better to help on such a global adventure than Bear Grylls! The renowned survivalist, best-selling author and TV host is our Alpha Ambassador in 2017.

No one knows adventure – or Alpha – quite like Bear Grylls. He’s been to the depths of Antarctica, the heights of Mount Everest and crossed the endless Sahara Desert. His exploits are legendary and his survival skills second to none. Best of all, he’s also been an Alpha guest and experienced for himself the positive impact it has. He’s passionate about simple faith and excited to share his story with Alpha guests around the world.

“Alpha is a chance to ask some of the big questions and, for me, that was really important,” Bear says. “It’s an amazing thing… I’ve seen it help so many people find that kind of quiet, simple, straightforward faith. For me it’s easy to recommend because it has helped me.”

With Bear as an ambassador, and so many believers like you ready to reach your local  Australian communities, it’s going to be a wild ride. To build momentum, please join us in praying for the funding we need to support churches across the nation with resources such as posters, billboards, banners and more. The most effective way to engage people with Alpha is to give them a personal invitation, then complement that invitation with easy-to-spot promotions.

Express your interest now at so our team can get in contact with you and support you best with materials, training, prayer support and more!