Minister's Marriage Course Retreat - Victoria

07/09/2017 - 09/09/2017

A Weekend for Your Marriage

The Minister's Marriage Course Retreat will place from Thursday 7th to Saturday 9 September 2017 at El Kanah, Marysville in Victoria which provides a beautiful, tranquil setting where guests can enjoy its comfortable surroundings, delicious food and space to relax. 

Firstly, the weekend will provide an opportunity for those attending to invest in their own marriage. Couples will experience the seven sessions over three days and two candlelit evenings. There will be time to relax alone as a couple as well as benefit from sessions of The Marriage Course. Discussions as a couple will always be private.


DAY 1: Thursday 7th September

1.00 pm Arrival at retreat centre

1.30 pm Welcome lunch

2.30 pm Introduction

Session 1: Building Strong Foundations

4.30 pm Free time / Marriage Time

7.00 pm Dinner

Session 2: The Art of Communication

9.30 pm Good night

DAY 2: Friday 2 December

8.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Session 3: Resolving Conflict

11.00 am Free time / Marriage Time

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Session 4: The Power of Forgiveness

3.30pm Free time / Marriage Time

7.00pm Dinner

Session 5: Good Sex

9.30 pm Good night

DAY 3: Saturday 3 December

8.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Session 6: The Impact of Family - Past & Present

11.00 am Free time / Marriage Time

12.30 pm Lunch

Session 7: Love in Action

3.30 pm Goodbye & God Bless


The early bird cost for the retreat will be $650 and will include:
Thur – Lunch, Dinner & Bed
Fri – Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Bed
Sat – Continental Breakfast & Lunch


07/09/2017 - 09/09/2017