06 Alpha Resources & Team Training Dates

With this year in full swing, we're sure you'll agree there is no better time to give our nation the opportunity to experience God’s love. The Alpha Easter Invitation is beginning to take shape and we want to make sure that you have all the resources you need to facilitate Alpha.

Training Events

Firstly, the best resource we can give is training and we want to personally invite you and your team to attend our training events. There will be a number of these happening all over the country in every state, as well as interactive online sessions. 

The training events are happening throughout February and March. To find out more details and register for the training events in your state, head here


Secondly, you may want to consider the published and printed resources that are available through Koorong Bookstores. You can visit your local store or order online via their website. They have a dedicated webpage for Alpha resources under ‘Church Life / Ministry‘ or just go here.

Here is a list of resources for you to consider:

Alpha DVD - The brand new Alpha with Nicky Gumbel, Student Alpha and the Alpha Youth Film Series. Regardless of the version of Alpha you choose, make sure you have a copy of it early so you can take the time to view it. All are available from Koorong bookstores or downloadable free from the Alpha website.  

Alpha Manual - essential for guests as they follow each Alpha talk and participate in the small group discussion.

Alpha Team Manual - essential for hosts (small group leaders) as they facilitate the small group discussion.

Why Jesus? (booklet) - recommended for guests

Why Easter? (booklet) - recommended for guests

The Questions of Life (book) - recommended for guests

Searching Issues (book) - recommended to have a copy for guests who are interested in reading more about their questions as it deals with the seven most common questions asked on Alpha.

Telling Others (book) - highly recommended for both the Alpha leader and Alpha team as it contains years of experience by Nicky Gumbel in facilitating Alpha.

Remember to register your Alpha here 
once you have set your dates for Term 2.

Your Alpha will then appear on our
"Alpha Finder" map so potential
guests can find it using their postcode. 


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