03 Prayer and Alpha

Being a part of the Alpha Easter Invitation for Term 2 next year means that you have joined with other churches around the country reaching out to their communities. Our team at Alpha Australia are praying for you and all the other churches as you prepare to run your Alpha.

Prayer is an essential part of Alpha. It is not a prominent part as it is often taking place out of the public eye, but it is absolutely essential to the success of any Alpha. Prayer is the heart of Alpha. We cannot run Alpha without God leading us as a team and working in the life of each guest by His Spirit. Experience has shown that when churches are praying regularly for their Alpha there is a dramatic improvement in the success of Alpha.  

You may like to facilitate The Prayer Course in Term 1 to help encourage your church to pray regularly and pray for Alpha. Designed by Alpha, it is a six-week journey through the Lord's Prayer with short videos and a handy 'cheat sheet' for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church. It is a free resource and you can download all the materials here http://www.prayercourse.org/

Here are a few suggestions to help your church pray for your Alpha:

Ask your whole church to pray each day for Alpha. 
Consider engaging the follow groups in your church: the church leadership, the prayer team, existing small groups, as well as praying during a service for Alpha. 
Obviously the Alpha team should be praying each day as well.

What should you be praying for? 

  • the Alpha Leader 
  • the Alpha Team 
  • for guests
  • your congregation to invite their friends and family
  • Alpha as it is running each week 
  • people to come to faith and find new life in Jesus

Your Alpha Team will have three opportunities to pray regularly: during training, just before Alpha begins, and as part of a debrief at the end of each Alpha session.Make prayer a part of these team times together.

We have a document on Preparing for Alpha through Prayer - you can download it here.


Remember to register your Alpha
here once you have set your dates
for Term 2 

Your Alpha will then appear on our
"Alpha Finder" map so potential
guests can find it using their postcode. 


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