Your Alpha Stories

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Thank you for making stories like Deb’s possible!

When a friend asked Deb to Alpha, she didn’t know she was being asked to facilitate a group. But she quickly found her feet – and then found God was slowly changing her own attitudes, her commitment to serve Him and even her marriage!

“I first attended Alpha back in 2006… A friend was running Alpha so she asked me to come along. Turned out she actually wanted me to help her facilitate a group and lead a table!

“One of my biggest struggles as a Christian was I [thought it was] based on what you do rather than who you are. I often felt like I was never good enough, wasn’t acceptable enough.

“The Holy Spirit session in Alpha is probably the most pivotal session because it reveals to us that it’s truly about who Jesus is in us, not who we are.

“After that first Alpha, I wanted to do it again because I loved the teaching so much!

“After three years, my husband, Wes, decided to join me as an Alpha facilitator… it was definitely quite a journey leading with my husband! Alpha has really been the best thing for our marriage. We’ve learnt so much about each other – our strengths and weaknesses.

“[Alpha] has been so rewarding, coming alongside people [to] provide encouragement and support.”

Thank you for making stories like Deb’s possible through your support!