Alpha Team Training Workshops

The Training Workshop will look at where Alpha fits in the faith formation process in a Parish and how Alpha can become an integral part of a Parish pastoral plan to evangelise and grow missionary disciples. There will be various workshops on forming a Parish team,running an Alpha evening, facilitating an Alpha small group and the Alpha 'Retreat Day Away'. 


Full Day Training aims to equip Parish Alpha Teams to run an effective Alpha process. It includes both the "Facilitating Small Groups" and "Alpha Retreat & Prayer Ministry" training modules. In addition, there is information on how Alpha fits into the faith formation process in a Parish and tips on forming Alpha teams, promoting your Alpha and creating a culture of invitation and evangelisation in your Parish. This day is a terrific way to fully equip your Alpha Team.



Running great Small Groups is the heart of an effective and fruitful Alpha.   This workshop for Alpha Teams will cover how to lead an Alpha Small Group so that guests feel able to share openly and honestly.   It will cover the role of the host and helper in the group, how to facilitate a balanced discussion and a short role play. 


The “Alpha Experience & Training Intensive” is a way to fast track your Parish Alpha Team’s training and preparation, as your team will “experience” Alpha together as well as being trained to run it.

This “Experience & Training Intensive” is an opportunity to experience most of the Alpha sessions over the condensed time frame of a weekend/week days and includes Alpha Leader Training sessions, small group role plays and suggestions on how to develop a team and run an Alpha Course in your Parish.  

During this training your Alpha hosts and helpers will experience Alpha together and be ready to offer it to the wider Parish afterwards. It will be an intense, informative and prayerful time.




The Alpha Weekend/Day Away is a vital part of the Alpha faith formation process.  The aim is to create a “retreat” type experience, a time where a personal encounter with Jesus can occur.  In evaluations after Alpha many guests comment that it is the “best” part of Alpha. It is therefore important to run it well!

This training session will include:

  • Why the Alpha Weekend/Day Away?

  • How to run the Alpha Weekend/Day Away

  • How to do prayer ministry on Alpha