Lee's Story

Lee's Story

Western Australia, Australia

I loved that no one ever tried to put anything heavy on me. I always felt comfortable.

Being a single mum, I faced lots of struggles with many ups and downs. Due to these struggles I always found myself searching; trying to find something that was bigger than me that would give meaning to my life.

I read lots of help books and went to counseling and while it was helpful, I still felt incomplete.

Life continued and my kids grew up however I was still constantly searching. As time went on, a friend at work started talking to me about Alpha. She was very persistent and every time I would politely decline telling her there was no way I was going to church.

A year and a half later, I still had contact with this friend. Again she mentioned Alpha and this time wrote down two phone numbers for me. These numbers belonged to a couple of Alpha groups close to where I was living at the time. Without much interest, I took it and put it in my junk drawer.

Funnily enough, it was right at this time I started seeing Alpha advertised everywhere. I began to think that maybe this was a sign.

Finally I rang one of the phone numbers I had previously disregarded and found myself talking to a pastor. Immediately he invited me to his church’s Alpha group as it started that very night. I agreed and decided I would just try it out. During these sessions, I made an effort to ask all the hard-hitting questions like “why is the bible so boring?” After going through the sessions I found Nicky Gumbel presented the Bible in a way that actually worked for me.

I loved that no one ever tried to put anything heavy on me. I always felt comfortable. No one ever tried to do the “religious stuff”. At Alpha, I always felt I had the room to think and grow and ask questions in a safe environment.

During the time of my Alpha sessions, the September 11 attacks occurred in America. This global tragedy got me thinking ‘what is this world coming to? Maybe I should go to church on Sunday.’ The very next Sunday I worked up the courage to attend a church service. Alpha definitely made it easier as it helped me become familiar with the church setting. It was right there and then I came to faith. 

From that moment, life has a rollercoaster of learning. I’ve found myself acting like a sponge continually wanting to absorb more and more. Once it all clicked and I found what I was looking for, I knew this was where I belonged. Thanks to Alpha, I continue to be greatly motivated to discover new things and help others through their own journey in faith.

Lee now lives in Busselton, Western Australia and passionately serves in her local church in various leadership roles. Since coming to faith in 2001, Lee has assisted in leading many Alpha groups. Having gone through the Alpha journey herself, she has supported various people through her own experiences and understanding. Furthermore, she is especially proud to have witnessed many people changed & saved through Alpha.

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