My Greatest Adventure

My Greatest Adventure

Bear Grylls

Finding a simple faith that empowers my life? To me, that’s been my greatest adventure.

Over the past few years Bear Grylls has become the embodiment of adventure and outdoor survival in the public imagination. A former reservist in the SAS, Bear has climbed Everest, navigated the Northwest Passage and Paramotored over the Himalayas. 

As well as being an adventurer, writer and television presenter, Bear is a former guest on Alpha and is sharing his story with the world as part of our global invitation to explore faith.

Whether it’s from the streets of the Philippines or the sidewalks of New York it’s great to be reminded that everyone’s journey is different, and everyone’s story is unique.

Here at Alpha we get the privilege of hearing stories from all around the globe – just a few of which are featured here in this Blog. From Tekila in London, to José Henriquez Gonzalez in Chile there’s no shortage of tales of hope, faith and exploration that we stumble across.

Bear’s is one of millions of different stories of exploration—of asking life’s biggest questions without knowing what will be found. Despite a life characterised by risk, danger and the unknown, it is this exploration that he describes as his ‘greatest adventure’. Watch Bear's story:

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The Inspiration of Billy Graham

The Inspiration of Billy Graham

A genuine hero of the faith has passed, stepping from this life into the next, leaving a legacy worthy of honour and reflection.

Billy Graham was best known for his charismatic preaching at large revival-style gatherings. He is credited with preaching the Gospel of Jesus to more people than any other. For Australians, he held the largest group to fill the sacred turf of the MCG with 130,000 attendees in March 1959. His other Australian campaigns occurred in 1968, 1969 and 1979 – with many Australian Christian leaders today recalling how they or their parents came to faith during these rallies.

According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, he preached to a total of 215 million people who attended the 400 Crusades across 185 countries.

His trusting relationships with many US Presidents is well documented and he was equally well-regarded for his personal integrity, inclusiveness and respect of all people (regardless of race or background).

In fact, he didn’t allow any political or social division to distract him from his life’s purpose, that being the sharing of the good news of Jesus with as many people as possible. This single focus should be a challenge and inspiration for us today.

We need to remind ourselves that many in Australia do not know or follow Jesus. Some young people have never even heard the name of Jesus. According to the 2016 Census, only 52% of our population now call themselves Christian and 15% of these attend Church monthly.

Whether it’s preaching like Billy Graham, inviting a friend to church, or to Alpha, for those of us whose lives have been changed by knowing Jesus, we should pass that gift on. Let’s renew our commitment to sharing the love of Jesus.

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The moment we take our last breath on earth, we take our first in heaven.