Taylor's Story

Taylor's Story

Texas, USA

He met me, right where I was.

Born in the Deep South in the state of Arkansas, Taylor grew up as the daughter of a pastor. She describes being raised in the church 'from the womb'. However, Taylor's picture-perfect life was rocked aged seven, when her parents divorced suddenly: 'Divorce is not a one-time decision. It forever has its negative effects. Over time you learn how to cope, however, it is always there.' Over the next ten years, Taylor was faced with harrowing hardship. 

Aged fourteen she began a three year relationship with a boy in high school. 'I longed for attention, for affection. I didn't realise how broken I was. I was seeking out anything to make me feel like I had worth...I found myself eventually losing my virginity, lying to my family, withdrawing from the people that loved me the most, staying out of church because I didn't want to live a double life, making all of the wrong choices.' 

The relationship left Taylor feeling empty and broken. She longed to escape, but aged seventeen she received news that she was pregnant. 'I felt like such a disappointment to everyone around me. I never foresaw my life would turn out the way it did. Going from this fairytale life as a child to a life of pain and sorrow, it just didn't seem right.'

Taylor carried her baby boy up to thirty-two weeks of pregnancy while studying at Cosmetology school from 8am to 4pm and then waiting tables every evening until 11pm. 'I was tired physically, emotionally; I was running on empty but determined to fight for myself, for my baby.' 

On Christmas Eve of 2005, Taylor was rushed into hospital for an emergency Caesarian. 'I was so excited to finally meet him, hold him in my arms, and love him forever.' When she woke from the aesthetic she found her mother and father by her side, each with tears streaming down their faces. They broke the tragic news that her baby boy, Micah, had not survived the birth. 'Those words pierced my heart like a knife. That was my season of the valley of the shadow of death.' 

Over the following three days, grieving in her hospital bed, Taylor felt the presence of God beside her. 'I read it in books, the pastor preached it every Sunday, the worship team sang about it, the school teacher taught it, however, the God that met me in the hospital room was so tangible and real. He met me, right where I was. I didn't have to fix myself. He met me in the most ugly, dark season of my life.'

At that point Taylor decided to live for God. 'I never looked back. I've been on a long journey of healing... Yes, I am healed and whole, however, far from perfect, and will never outgrow needing Jesus. I learned the hard way, but I would never change what I walked through because I experienced Jesus. I love hIm and through the suffering, His words became life for me.' 

Taylor now lives in Texas, and has never looked back. She is enjoying her adventurous life with her husband, Robert Madu. Now not only a wife, Taylor is also a full time mother to 2 children, Everly Adair Madu and Robert Nnaji Madu III. 

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