Lee's Story

Lee's Story

Scotland, UK

We heard about very simple things like who Jesus is and what he did. I loved listening and everyone had so many questions.

I never thought I was that bad, but as a teenager, a typical weekend consisted of football, terrorising homes, smashing windows, carrying drugs, drinking and fighting – neighbourhood verses neighbourhood. We were often chased by the police up and down the streets.

But it wasn’t just about drugs and football. Deep down, I longed to be accepted by people and searched for this in relationships. I thought if a girl could accept me for me I would find happiness.  

I spent high school searching for that fulfilment but this meant that I was hurt time and time again. I was messed around with, cheated on and used. I shut myself off from relationships. 

One night my older sister said she was going to go to this thing called Alpha with her boyfriend and invited me along to the youth one. As football training was cancelled and I was promised a free meal I decided to go. 

It was in the local church – a place I’d never really been before. There were so many different people there. It was great.

I couldn’t wait to go back each week. We went on an incredible day away where we played bowling and laser quest and had a ton of fun getting to know one another. It was here that I sensed Jesus’ love for me and his presence.

I’d been looking for happiness in relationships and on Alpha I felt God say to me - “It’s only in me you’ll find it Lee”

At the end of Alpha I met a girl who has been Christian since she was seven years old. She accepts me for me and she’s helping me grow in my faith. Alpha really is the best thing I could have done.

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