25,000 Aussies reached, thanks to you!


Thank you for bringing an Alpha experience to so many!

More people than ever before are gathering in cafes, community halls and churches across the nation and talking about deeper things: faith, hope and life in Jesus. In 2016, 25,000 people joined Alpha conversations across the country, and it’s thanks to you that nearly 19,000 people have already experienced Alpha in 2017!

It’s with great excitement that of churches registered to run this year, 62% of these churches are running Alpha are doing it for the first time – meaning thousands of people are getting their first opportunity to Try Alpha!

So far, 420,000 Aussies have had an Alpha experience – and we’re well on the way to achieving the goal of half a million Alpha stories by 2020.

Evidence shows that Aussies are open to conversations about faith.

A recent report by McCrindle Research into Faith and Belief in Australia* showed that:

o   44% of Australians identify as Christian

o   26% of non-believing Australians are open to faith

o   55% of Australians talk about spirituality or religion at least occasionally (9% often, 46% occasionally)

o   Perceived impact of churches in their areas is 91% either neutral or positive

This means we have a great opportunity in the second half of the year to build momentum, as together we invite thousands of Aussies to try Alpha. Thanks for your support – and please keep praying for those attending!

* McCrindle Faith and Belief in Australia, a national study on religion, spirituality and worldview trends May 2017