Prayer and faith, yet no miracle

Prayer and faith, yet no miracle

Rachel Dunwell

Sometimes there seems to be only silence, making my faith feel just a mirage leaving me and others thirsty.

Trial and suffering are part of the human condition and as a pastor and nurse I have journeyed alongside many people in their pain and heartache over the last 20 years. As the reality of our situation hits, we pray, -for provision, for healing, for the trial to pass. And we do it again and again. This, we call faith.

I do not doubt that God answers, and works miracles. Yet sometimes there seems to be only silence, making my faith feel just a mirage leaving me and others thirsty. I ask myself, "is faith a formula that only some have worked out and others haven't? Are my prayers not good enough? Maybe God has left me” 

Of course not, God is inherently good and we are his children. When we pray, he hears. So, how come we don’t always experience the miracle?

A dear friend is facing a prognosis with no hope of a cure except for a miracle. We have discussed at length why God seems to have answered some prayers, yet my friend is still sick? This is the reality we cannot ignore, throughout scripture we see Christians aren't exempt from life occurrences that bring trials and pain.

Hebrews 11 talks of The Heroes of Faith, who despite great trial and unspeakable pain prayed for, and believed in their miracle but never saw it in their lifetime. I believe that they now stand and cheer us on (Hebrews 12). 

Faith is not always displayed in a miracle, Faith is found in this knowledge that I will still keep praying and believing even though I cannot control the process or the outcome of where this journey will take me, my family and friends. I will trust that I serve a God who performs miracles. Faith is a state of heart not a moment of result. 

My friend said, "I will stay in faith and keep praying for my miracle even if Jesus doesn't heal me I will still trust him". This is faith, heroic faith that says, not my will but your will be done. This can only come from true relationship, the result of prayer, a trust in God as Father and friend. A knowing in one's heart that all things work together for good even if I never see my miracle in this lifetime. 


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