Advent: a time of waiting

Advent: a time of waiting

Lorraine McCarthy

Reflect about the things we long for, yearn for... the things we are waiting for...

Advent is a time when we stop and reflect about the waiting times in our lives...

What does the Church wait for at Advent?  We are not waiting for a baby Jesus, as we may at first think.  Rather, we are waiting, as the early Church communities waited, for Jesus to return – the adult, resurrected, ascended to heaven Jesus.

Before he ascended Jesus promised his disciples, us, that he would return in order to bring the whole world to God his Father.  We live our lives in this “middle time” – the time of already and not yet – when Jesus has already defeated evil and we are waiting and working for the final fulfilment, that last day of the second coming when the whole world will unite in praise of God and “every tear will be wiped away and we will see God as God really is, in all God’s glory....” 

So in this Advent time, we are invited to reflect about the things we long for, yearn for... the things we are waiting for... We are invited to reflect on our hopes and on our dreams and on the world we would like to see emerge.  It is a time for reconnecting with our vision and dreams, so that we may be re-energised by the hope and joy that God incarnated in Jesus brings to our world.

Perhaps you may wish to pray with the words below:

The Middle Time
Between the exhilaration of beginning
               and the satisfaction of concluding
                              is the middle-time
                                            of enduring, changing, trying
                                                          despairing, continuing, becoming...

Jesus Christ was the man of God’s middle-time
            Between creation and accomplishment
Through him, God said of creation, “without mistake”
and of accomplishment, “without doubt”.

And we in our middle-times
              of wondering and waiting, 
                           hurrying and hesitating,
                           regretting and advising.
We who have begun many things and seen but few completed – 
              We who are becoming more.......... and less -
               through the evidence of God's Middle-Time have a stabilizing hint
               that we are not mistakes,
               that we are irreplaceable,
               that our Being is of interest,
               and our Doing is of purpose,
               that our Being and our Doing
               are surrounded by AMEN.

Jesus Christ is the completer of unfinished people, 
             with unfinished work
                         in unfinished times.

May he keep us from sinking, from ceasing, 
             from wasting, from solidifying.
That we may be for Him, 
              experimenters, enablers, encouragers,
              and associates in accomplishment. 
hurrying and hesitating, 
-  Lona M. Fowler


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