Prayer For The Easter Invitation #2

Prayer For The Easter Invitation #2

How to mobilise your community to pray?

Hearing a story of answered prayer builds people’s faith.

Idea 2: Host a Prayer and Worship Event

Consider holding a prayer and worship event to launch your Alpha. Or maybe you could work with other churches in your area to host a joint Alpha launch prayer event?

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“How good and pleasant it is when
God’s people live together in unity!”

-Psalms 133:1

Prayer Event Suggested Format:

  • Opening worship (10 mins)
  • Welcome and introduction (7 mins)
  • Testimonies and interviews with previous Alpha guests (5 mins)
  • Prayer for invitation and invitees (10 mins)
  • Prayer for Alpha teams (5 mins)
  • Worship (5 mins)
  • Prayer for the nation (5 mins)
  • Prayer for the church (10 mins)
  • Closing worship & prayer (3 mins)


Flexibility: It is great to have a plan but don’t feel that you have to rigidly stick to it. Allow time for God’s Spirit to move.

Variety: Use some different models of prayer in each section e.g 50/50, zones (For ideas see The Alpha Prayer Guide or

Testimonies: These are a really important part of the event. Hearing a story of answered prayer builds people’s faith. Hearing from someone other than a church leader will encourage even the most sceptical people to think, ‘If their prayer can be answered then so can mine!’ Hearing a testimony from someone whose life has been transformed through Alpha is the best encouragement to pray for more lives to be transformed.

Worship: Allow the worship to flow throughout the prayers. We have found that allowing the music to continue quietly in the background while we pray sets the mood and helps keep the meeting flowing.

“In no other way can the believer become as fully involved with God’s work, especially the work of world evangelism, as in intercessory prayer."
Dick Eastman, The Hour that Changes the World, p.76

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