Prayer for the Alpha Invitation #1

Prayer for the Alpha Invitation #1

How to mobilise your community to pray?

If you teach them to pray they really will change the world.

In the weeks leading up to Easter 2016 an invitation is going out to our nation to come and explore the questions of life on Alpha. Underpinning the national advertising campaign is an army of ordinary people, organising hundreds of local Alpha Courses, booking venues, cooking meals, preparing to host discussions and inviting people they know.

But the story of the Alpha Invitation starts long before Easter. Just as the real power behind the advertising campaign is the thousands of individuals who personally invite someone to come to Alpha, so the real power behind the success of Alpha is an army of prayer warriors who understand that this is not just about marketing. Behind the humorous talks and the pasta dinners is a real spiritual battle for hearts and minds.

Research in the UK revealed that there is an almost exact correlation between the amount of prayer mobilised for Alpha and the number of guests who attend.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty”.
Zechariah 4:6

Idea 1: Facilitate The Prayer Course

These interactive sessions for small groups based on The Lord’s Prayer, have been designed to help people go deeper in their relationship with God and to unlock the power of prayer in their lives. The aim is that over six sessions, members of your group will get better at talking to God, better at listening to him and they’ll probably start seeing more miracles too.

Can I encourage you to approach The Prayer Course with excitement and expectancy? The people in your community may not be perfect, but if you teach them to pray they really will change the world.

The basics covered by The Prayer Course are: 

  1. Purpose in Prayer: Adoration
  2. Power in Prayer: Petition
  3. Prevailing in Prayer: Intercession
  4. Perseverance in Prayer: Dealing with Disappointments
  5. Perspective in Prayer: Learning to Listen
  6. Partnership in Prayer: Spiritual Warfare

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Look out for our next blog with another idea for how to mobilise prayer in your community.

Thanks for your faithful prayers.

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