Moving toward solitude

Moving toward solitude

Melinda Dwight

Prayer starts with solitude, alone or in a crowd.

Life today is busy, noisy, interactive and chaotic. The pace ofmobile connection, social media interaction and the complexity ofinteraction can lock us into feelings, thoughts and actions that are not geared towards God.

Susannah Wesley used to put an apron over her head to help her be alone surrounded by seventeen children.

Prayer starts with solitude, alone or in a crowd. Finding an attitude, a posture that helps us “tune in “ and be integrated into God's order and kingdom. To allow space to develop the freedom from our urgent and immediate world and our ingrained behaviours to focus and practice an awareness of His presence.

Meditation on His Word can then help us align our reality with His truth. To see our emotions, fears, perspective and challenges with His lens. To be reminded who He really is through truth that inspires worship.

The conscious practice of silence with a prayerful, expectant attitude is a powerful and essential part of active prayer. It allows life transforming concentration upon God that helps us learn to pay attention and listen. To cultivate an openness to listen and continue daily in an awareness of His presence and to walk with God.

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