From Melinda to you


Dear Friend,

I recently had the great pleasure of standing alongside 60 Australian church leaders – and thousands of others from around the world – at the Alpha Leadership Conference at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

I want to encourage you with three things I’ve learned from the conference that I hope will inspire you as you live for Jesus at home, work and in your community…

1. Jesus is worth it.

Following Jesus isn’t always easy! In fact, it often comes at a cost.

I was reminded of that truth as I heard incredible stories of perseverance and determination from so many Christian brothers and sisters during the Leadership Conference.

Together, we laughed and cried, worshipped and learned, connected and prayed – building each other up for the life that God has laid before us.

Please be encouraged that living for Jesus is worth it, and He promises to always work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

2. God calls us to serve with love.

As part of the conference, we heard from Nicky Gumbel, who called on each of us to serve our congregations, our families and our communities with a self-sacrificing, other-person-centred love.

In response to Nicky’s messages, we all knelt together and opened God’s Word to 1 Corinthians 13, using it as the basis of a prayer for ourselves and our ministries.

I encourage you to do the same thing today. Take a moment to reflect on the apostle Paul’s powerful words and meditate on what it looks like to love others in your church, home and community. Then ask God to empower you as you do it!

3. We’re all in this together.

It was a real privilege to share meals, hear about churches being renewed, and dream up plans for the future with Aussie church leaders here in London.

Each conversation I had has given me a glimpse into the incredible work God is doing across Australia through the support of friends like you.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and love for our nation. And thank you for your financial support that helps to provide resources, promotional materials and training for so many who need to know the hope that is theirs in Christ.

I’m so grateful for your passion to see many more in our communities come to know, love and serve our Lord Jesus.

In Jesus’ name,


Melinda Dwight
National Director, Alpha Australia

P.S. I strongly encourage you to open God’s Word to 1 Corinthians 13 today and use it as a prayer, asking God to help you live a life of love!