If you've run Alpha before, or are looking to run Alpha for the first time, you're invited to join with us for a FREE, fun, interactive sessions where we'll share some creative ideas about: 

  • How to plan & run your Alpha
  • "Contextualising" your Alpha
  • Leading small group conversation
  • Keeping your Alpha fresh every time
  • New Alpha resources including the new Alpha with Nicky Gumbel and Alpha Youth Film Series   

It will be an interactive session including Q&A to dialogue about making Alpha work in your local context.  It's completely FREE to attend - please register below.


Online training will be conducted in 3 parts, which all build on each other.  Choose the best timeslot for you and register for any of the sessions in each part. 

Part 1: Alpha Basics 
If you are new to Alpha then this will give you the key elements on how Alpha works and why millions of people around the world have done Alpha. We look at what is Alpha, how it started and the culture of Alpha. We include some ideas on when, where and how to run Alpha. So if you have not run Alpha before it will give you what you need to know to get started.  



Part 2 : Hosting Small Groups
Hosting a small group on Alpha is unique because it is unlike any other Christian small group. We look at key elements such as guests belong before they believe, the purpose of the small group, the role of the Hosts and the Helpers and how to facilitate the conversation in a way that allows unchurched guests the freedom to ask their questions.

Part 3 - Prayer Ministry  
This covers how to minister to guests during the weekend/day away on Alpha. We look at the values of prayer ministry, why we pray for guests on Alpha and how to pray for your guests. The prayer ministry time on Alpha is often the most transformative time for guests as they encounter the Holy Spirit. Feel free to join us as we talk about facilitating this time of ministry.  

Friday 6th May, 1pm AEST, 11am AWST, 12.30pm ACST              [REGISTER HERE]