Dear Friend,

Can you feel the momentum building? We’re getting closer and closer to 2017, the year when we will, together, aim to invite millions of people to Join the Adventure of life in Christ. God is moving the pieces into place and it’s so exciting to see!

This is the heart of the Alpha Join the Adventure campaign. It’s an opportunity like no other to see God’s Church united in prayer and practical evangelism, and starting real conversations about life and faith.

Your support and prayers are equipping and encouraging local churches to step into this new season of evangelism. Thank you!

I’m thrilled to have Bear Grylls on board as our Ambassador, and already we’ve seen over 500 churches registered and sharing with their communities online.

Please continue to pray for more and more churches to join the adventure, and all the challenges that will come in the coming months. For every obstacle, there’s a greater opportunity.

Getting the word out is so important – can you imagine thousands of Christians talking to their friends when they see a banner in their local shopping centre, or catch Bear Grylls’ story in a preview at the movies, or drive past a billboard outside the church?

Finally, don’t forget to register your church to join the adventure. Get in before Christmas and you’ll receive personalised postcards for letterbox drops, banners and posters and a position on our online Church Finder.

Shared adventures are the best kind – I’m so grateful that we’re on this one together.

With love and appreciation,


Melinda Dwight, National Director