Dear Friend,

Thank you for being part of loving Christian communities that are taking many Australians on a life-changing journey of faith.

With your help, we’re aiming to see one million Australians impacted by Alpha over the next seven years. That means one million people, like Jeremy and his family (read his story here), will have an Alpha story to tell of how they personally experienced the power of God in their lives.

Imagine the impact that can have on our country! The heart of Alpha Australia is to nurture a culture of evangelism right across this nation, and to equip our churches to be places where people can come as they are and freely explore the Christian faith.

Together, we’re starting that conversation through Alpha’s Easter Invitation throughout the Easter season. So, don’t forget to register your 2016 Alpha now so we can help you with all the resources you need.

I know you’ll be inspired by how prayer helped bring down helped bring down the Berlin Wall (read full story here). So, please pray with us that spiritual walls will come down this Easter and people will be drawn to investigate Alpha and find Jesus.

For more inspiration, request your free copy of The Alpha Prayer Guide, by clicking here. At the same time, if you’d like to give a donation to help equip more churches and invite more people to meet Jesus through Alpha, your generosity would be appreciated. Let’s do all we can to be like Jesus who throws open His arms to lost and hurting people everywhere and says, “Come”.

Thank you for doing just that by partnering with us to share His story!

With love and appreciation,

Melinda Dwight

National Director, Alpha Australia