Will your church be one of 1000 in Australia to #RunAlpha after Easter in 2016?

Alpha Australia has launched the Easter Invitation 2016

The Alpha Easter Invitation 2016 is a partnership with Christian Media Australia, and Christian radio stations in our capital cities and possibly your church!  

During Easter these radio stations will be supporting your community outreach through Alpha with thought-provoking audio clips, talk back discussion, and stories of people who have explored faith through Alpha. The radio stations will also put our ‘Alpha Finder Map’ on their websites so people can search for an Alpha nearby.

This means if you choose to be part of this national initiative, people can find your Alpha. We want you to be a part of this amazing opportunity as a local church, and it's completely free of charge!

Every church that registers their Alpha on our website as part of the Easter Invitation will receive a free outdoor banner!

If you'd like to be part of the campaign, click the register button below and let us know; you don't have to nominate dates or venues at this stage, just let us know you're in!

If you'd like to know more before signing up,

through October & November, being held in capital cities and online webinars. 

Why do a national Invitation campaign?

In our Australian culture, it is increasingly rare that people have spiritual conversations. 

Aussies are generally very happy to talk about sport or family or even politics but when the conversation comes to the ‘deeper’ things we tend to change the subject. Alpha is all about sitting down over a meal or a coffee and engaging people in spiritual conversations, such as “if God exists and you could ask one question, what would it be?”.

Christian radio has a large listener base around Australia due to it’s “safe” and “family-­friendly” content. Up to half of the listeners are not affiliated with a church or would call themselves Christians, but they are happy to listen and are open to spiritual possibilities. Jarrod Graetz, General Manager of 89.9LightFM in Melbourne says that the station has over 400,000 listeners who would fall into this category, and they, like other Christian radio stations, are looking to connect people with local churches to help them along that spiritual discovery journey.

Throughout the Easter period, radio stations will be engaging people in spiritual conversations through thought-provoking audio clips, talk back, and stories of people who have been on a spiritual journey. The presenters will direct people who want to continue to explore the questions of life to their website which will have an “Alpha Finder” map where they can find the Alpha that is nearest to them, or fill in a form to connect with an Alpha group in their area.

We are aiming to have 1000 Alphas running after Easter in 2016!!  It would be amazing to see the "Alpha Finder" filled with options for those seeking to discuss the big questions of life in a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment.