DON'T MISS your opportunity!


How would you respond if I told you God has some important work for you to do? Would you jump up and get started, or would you reply, “I’m just too busy right now”?

In Matthew 21, Jesus speaks to a group of Jewish leaders, and He tells a parable about two sons. Both are asked by their father to go and work in the family vineyard. The first son says, “I will not go”, but later he changes his mind and goes to work. The second son says, “I will go”, but he does not.

Jesus asks His listeners, “Which of the two did what his father wanted?”

The listening Jews answer, “The first”. But their confident response shows how blind they really are. They are the very people who have fallen into the trap of the second son! They had promised to follow God faithfully, but instead followed their own passions and desires. In doing so, they missed out on working with God in His harvest. And ultimately, Jesus says they would miss out on the Kingdom of God.

And then Jesus delivers an even more shocking punchline in verse 31: “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the Kingdom of God ahead of you.”

Imagine how you would feel as a Jew, listening to Jesus’ words. Not only are you chastised for ignoring God’s instructions, but then you’re told the very people you have looked down on for their sin are the ones pleasing God!

It was a serious wake-up call for the Jews. And it’s a wake-up call every Christian needs to hear too. Will you answer God’s call to “Join me and work in the vineyard”?

Through Alpha, God is using the work of friends like you—and thousands more around the world—to draw people to Christ. Alpha is now running in just over 170 countries all over the world, and 27 million people have already experienced Alpha. Thanks to God, the numbers continue to grow!

There are millions of people waiting to hear the good news of Jesus. Will you answer God’s call to work with Him to reach them? Don’t miss the opportunity!